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1600” Jelly Roll Quilt

1 jelly roll for the quilt body
1 ½ yards contrasting fabric for 2 ½” squares (optional), first border (2 ½”), and binding
1 1/3 yards border fabric for 6 inch outer border – cut (6 or 7) 6 ½” strips
5 yards of fabric for backing
Batting (we prefer Warm & Natural)


Trim all the selvages off the strips.
Cut the first strip in half and discard one half.
Join strips end to end. There are three choices:
1. Straight ¼” seams
2. Sew on a diagonal (like sewing a binding together)
3. Sew 2 ½” squares of a contrasting fabric onto the end of each strip

You should now have one long strip, 2 1/2” wide by about 1600” long.
Press seams to one side.
Bring the two ends together, right sides facing each other, making sure the strip isn’t twisted. This will be the longest seam to sew.  Sew the two strips together, about 800” of sewing.
When reaching the end, cut the strip apart and finish the seam.
Match up the two ends again, right sides together, and sew all the way to the end. Cut along the fold to take strips apart.  Now it should be about 400” long.
Repeat until your quilt top finishes at 32 strips long.  The quilt top should about 50” wide and about 64” long.
Press the seams all in one direction.
Trim and square.
Add borders if desired.

Click here to open a .pdf file for ease of printing